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Doc Manson

Table of Contents

S1E0: Something Horrid Is Coming

An Introduction

Every society since the dawn of civilization has had their tales of horror. Stories about monsters and mad gods, usually directed against those individuals that behave against societal norms. Parables and cautionary tales have always been a part of recorded history. Today’s society isn’t so different, we’ve just changed the ways that we tell our stories. From oral tradition to written verse, and now to motion and dialogue captured on film. 

Everyone has a favorite scary movie. I’ve always been partial to slashers. From the big mainstream characters, like Freddy, Michael, and Jason, to the lesser known maniacs, like Cropsy, Mark Lewis, and Madman Marz, I love them all. Slasher films are a great example of a modern interpretation of the cautionary tale. Misbehavior is punished, and often innocence prevails over the otherwise unstoppable evil. I love horror because it is part of the quintessential human experience. Everybody gets scared sometimes.

What Is Horrid?

Horrid is a podcast about the history of horror movies, and this episode is a preview of what’s to come. As I said at the top of the show, my name is Doc Manson, and I am the host of Horrid. While I am a long time fan of horror movies, I realized that there were gaps in my familiarity with various eras and sub-genres. Horrid is my endeavor to become more familiar with those parts of horror with which I am less acquainted, and I am going to share my findings with everyone.

Now, I’m not a film scholar, but I do have a background in academic research. Horrid is my attempt to put those research skills to use to create a well-sourced account of the history of horror movies. To that end, a transcript for every episode of Horrid can be found online at These transcripts will contain sources for the information presented in each episode. The website will show photos and other items of historical interest. The Horrid website will also host trailers or full movies where copyright law allows, so you can watch along with the films being discussed on each episode,

Feedback & Corrections

If you have questions, encounter errors, or have additional information to share, I would encourage you to send in an email. The email address is [email protected]. Please be sure to include a source for any corrections you send in. As I become aware of new information, correction episodes will be released and the original episode transcripts will be updated.

Thank you again for checking out this trailer for the Horrid Podcast. It is my hope that we can learn more about horror, together. 

Until next time, stay scared.