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Horrid is a podcast about the history of horror movies. This first season of Horrid is dedicated to the Dawn of Horror, being the very beginnings of the horror genre in film. From the very first horror film, to the first recorded case of using the word horror to market a film, Horrid chronicles the very origins of horror.

Each episode of Horrid has a transcript posted on the Horrid Podcast website. These transcripts contain sources for the information presented during each episode. If you have questions or encounter an error, send it to [email protected].

Introductory music and end stinger are from “Dark Intro” by Sascha Ende.
Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/265-dark-intro
License: CC BY 4.0 

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The Horrid host

Doc Manson is the creator, researcher, author, and voice of Horrid. He is a long time lover of horror movies of all types, although if he was forced to choose one sub-genre as his favorite it would probably be slashers. Or maybe horror-comedies. No, make that creature features.

Doc has a PhD in Cellular Biology. While not a film scholar, Doc uses his skills as a researcher to learn more about horror movies. Horrid is Doc’s project to chronicle the history of horror in film and to share it with all of you.

You can follow Doc on his Twitter or on his Instagram. He also has a backlog of horror movie reviews (some over a decade old; be gentle!) that can be read on B-Movie Geek.

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